I’m researcher in History and History of Arts, translator, hobbyist photographer, artist and writer.

I’ve studied history of arts for ten years, specializing in history of architecture and sculpture in Upper-Rhine regions between 1439 and 1520. This subject has therefore deeply influenced my artistic hobbies, especially photography, but also drawing and 3D art, and my projects are often centred around this theme.

The second big influence on my photographic production are the mountains where I’ve spent my childhood and where I like to return every time I can, whence the important part given as well to landscape photography.


Besides, I’ve also studied history and languages, with a specialization in Germanic area in the late Antiquity and early Middle Ages. I associate those knowledge of ancient world to my interest in Fantasy to create worlds in a way similar to, I think, the one of Tolkien, though I concentrate less on language and more on civilization than him.

I’ve also a strong interest in religious beliefs of Germanic paganism and often research on both ancient and modern paganism as a hobby. The articles on this subject will probably be most of the time in French though, as I publish them mostly in these language.

Finally, I study and work also since 2016 in management. In this field I’m especially interested in quality and process management, as well as competitive intelligence and sharing economy.

Despite the name on the main page is a pseudonym, you’ll find also here works published under my real name. It is explained by the fact that I use pseudonym less to be anonymous than to keep a clear distinction between my more university and work related articles and those which belong to the artistic, creative field.